For this assignment I interviewed my housemate who is a musician. It was very brief but first I asked him to introduce himself and then tell the listener what instruments he plays. We then discussed why he enjoys playing music, specifically the drums.

While editing I layered the room tone, interview bits, a drum fill that I recorded him playing, and backing music that I found on Free Music Archive. Ideally I would have used my housemate’s own music but unfortunately I did not have access to it.

Throughout the week I tried to capture a variety of moments; a mix of the mundane and exciting. The diversity of settings I captured includes a variety of lighting and I enjoyed playing around with the composition of each photo.

At first I thought it made the most sense to…

Richard Masulis, 21, of Redding, Calif., poses with his drum kit in his apartment in Berkeley, Calif., on Saturday, June 5, 2021. The drum kit has rubber mutes in order to reduce the sound, a necessity for living in densely populated areas. (Lily Ramus/ Journalism 110)

For this assignment in portraiture, I wanted to focus on authenticity. One of my housemates was practicing drums in the late afternoon and I thought the indirect side light from the window was very flattering. The light had an almost hazy quality and cast beautiful soft shadows behind the subject. I took about thirty photos experimenting with different poses and angles. The drum set was a very fun prop and I enjoyed playing with depth and different points of focus.

“Living in China’s Expanding Deserts”

Video by Josh Haner

As the title suggests, this piece documents the lives of people living in the Tengger Desert. The article examines the issue of desertification as a result of climate change, appealing to viewers through personal stories, images, and accounts.

Hi, my name is Lily Ramus and I’m a rising Junior studying music. I’m originally from Redding, CA, but am currently living in Berkeley. In my free time I like to practice guitar, hang out with my housemates, and draw. I also enjoy writing for the Berkeley music publication B-Side. I’m looking forward to this class and learning more about multimedia journalism.

My name is Lily Ramus and I am a rising Junior studying Music. I am originally from Redding, California but am currently living in Berkeley. I am interested in music journalism and currently enjoy writing for the UC Berkeley music magazine B-side. Some of my hobbies include practicing guitar, discovering new music, and drawing. I also play the sitar, an Indian instrument, and am looking forward to playing more this summer.

Multimedia journalism is very fascinating to me and is probably my favorite format of digital journalism. I am most looking forward to the audio section of this course as I am interested in music journalism and think multimedia projects are the most effective form of storytelling for this sphere.

Lily Ramus, 19, of Redding Calif., stands in front of the jellyfish at the Aquarium by the Bay in San Francisco, Calif. on Thursday, May 13, 2021. Lily and a group of her friends recently visited the aquarium to celebrate the end of the semester at UC Berkeley. The jellyfish room was Lily’s favorite part of the aquarium but she also enjoyed spending time with her friends, many of whom she had not seen all semester. “It was a really good time, a nice way to end the semester,” Lily recounted.

Lily Ramus

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